We are an independent branding agency in Kozhikode. Branding hut bridges the communication gaps between devices, systems, businesses and people. We combine creativity services, strategic insight and the belief in the power of great ideas.

What We Do

We transform names into brands

We create minimal websites & inbound marketing strategy

Why Branding Hut

Branding hut’s intelligent workflow instantly enables smarter data-driven engagement. Brandinghut helps you manage your communications processes with practical tools and intelligent workflow. We leverage the power of multidisciplinary thinking by working with international professionals from across the world. We provide complete branding solutions, presented in four service pillars.

Our Services


Web Development


Brand Identity


Digital Marketing

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Key Clients

Dipanshu Rawal

“I have worked with Branding Hut Team and they goes beyond the contract to serve the customer’s need. I highly recommend them.”

Monce Abraham

“Branding Hut recently undertook the responsibility of my personal website. I had asked for a minimalistic design, and Branding Hut has done a good job ensuring the same.”